Warm Welcome!

Hi there!  My name is Nata. I've spent most of my career, over 17 years, in the corporate world (Fortune Top 10 company). I worked in Learning & Development, HR, Performance Management and other interesting places.

Somewhere along the way I also got a Master of Science degree in Organisational Psychology, which is an incredibly exciting topic!

Psychology is my biggest interest, and I love reading pretty much anything I can find on the topics of work-related psychology.

When my daughter was born I decided it was time to risk the comfort of corporate employment and try working for myself and spend more time at home.

My family also started travelling because of my husband's job. And I was very excited by the idea of building a business that I could run from anywhere in the world, without having to start everything all over again every 2-3 years that we moved countries.

My initial plan was to work as a coach, and some time later I re-discovered my passion for teaching and working with groups. I think it brings out the best in me. As much as I enjoy working with people one-to-one, I love working with groups even more.

In my corporate career, running training events and workshops was the best aspect of my job. I've done hundreds of those! Group dynamics is incredibly exciting for me.

So it made perfect sense to extend this passion into the online world. I started creating online courses and then started helping others create online courses and online group programmes.

I've set up this website to share practical tips about teaching and group coaching online. If you haven't yet subscribed to my updates, I'd be delighted to see you join.

Being solo doesn't have to be lonely!​