[Video] Tools and Platforms for Online Courses

If you want to create an online course, your first investment should be hiring a psychiatrist. All the decisions about what tools you’ll need to create your course and put it online can drive anyone nuts, especially if you’re not a techie. What software to use?  What hardware to buy?  Where to publish?  How to upload? […]

[Video] Why I’m hating Camtasia

My students and subscribers (those who are on Windows PC) often ask me if they should learn the free tools I use in my courses – MovieMaker and Encoder – or if they should go ahead and invest into Camtasia. Here is my response. I purchased Camtasia several months ago, convinced that it will take […]

[Video] How to Choose the Right Format for Your Online Course

I continuously ask people in various online groups and forums what their biggest struggle is when it comes to creating their first online course. And occasionally I get this response: “I don’t know what the right format for my course should be.” This actually puzzled me.  To me, there was pretty much one format – video.  I’ve […]

How to Record Your Lessons Using FREE Tools

We all start our businesses by experimenting to see if our idea works out.  When it comes to online courses, this is no exception. You’re not sure yet whether this whole ‘ecourse’ business is right for you, if you have the right topic, if you could be a good instructor (especially, if you’ve never taught […]

[Video] 3 Ways to Host Your Online Course

There are three different types of platforms for hosting your ecourse online: Course marketplaces Course hosting providers Self-hosted solutions. In this video I talk about advantages and disadvantages of each type of platform using real-life examples from my personal experience.     Option 1: Course marketplaces You could think of this option as ‘Amazon’ for […]

Best Kept Secret: How to Send E-mails for FREE

If you’re starting an online business or taking your existing business online, no doubt you’ve heard that your e-mail list of subscribers is your most important business asset. If you aren’t building a list, you aren’t building a business.  It’s as important as that. So where do  you start?  The best way is to develop a free […]

Want to Create an Online Course? Do This First.

What is the number one thing you could do if you want to create an online course?  It’s not brainstorming and selecting your topic, and not thinking about your target audience or deciding on format and delivery method or choosing an online platform. It actually starts with a simple step – look at other online courses […]