Coolest tools ever, if you’re creating your own website

OK, it’s not really a secret.  But it’s something many people don’t know about.  And now you do – so use it!

If you are creating your own website, no doubt you’ve looked at lots of other websites and often wondered: “Wow, how did they do that?  I wish my website looked like this!”

What you may not realise is that it’s super easy to peek ‘behind the scenes’ of any website and see how it was made.

There are several free online services that allow you to do that.  My favourite is BuiltWith.

Simply type in any url into their search bar, and BuiltWith will give you the details of the content management system, hosting provider, plugins they use and lots of other info about that website.

How cool is that?  I’ve done lots of ‘spying’ on other websites and discovered many fantastic tools to use on my own site.


And now let’s look at the design.

If a website is built with WordPress (which is one of the most popular content management systems out there), you can see what theme they are using.  Just in case you don’t know, a theme in WordPress is a design style / set of templates that make your website look anyway you like.

Again, there are many online services that offer that, and my favourite is WP Theme Detector.

Same principle applies: simply type in a url of the website, and WP Theme Detector will identify the theme this website is using.  Note: Only works on WordPress sites.


I found lots of fantastic looking (and free) themes using this service.  So if you’re looking to design (or re-design) your website, this is a great place to start.

Question to You: If you use WordPress, what is your favourite Theme?