[Video] How to Design Posts and Pages with Ease – No Coding!

Back a few years ago when I was learning how to create my first website, I came across WordPress.  Believe it or not, my first attempt was creating a website on Drupal.  That was quite an experience! 🙂  No offence to Drupal lovers, but it was… let’s say not a great choice for me.

WordPress felt a ton easier and more intuitive, and a blessing for a non-techie (i.e. me).

But there was a problem.  No matter what design theme I chose, there was something I wanted to change and didn’t know how, so I ended up learning essentials of css and html (and even a tiny amount of php).

If these acronyms sound terrifying, no worries, this post is not about them!

I even had to overcome the utter shock of seeing Chrome Inspect Element for the first time.  I mean, what’s your reaction when you see this?  Whaaaat?!  I nearly fainted.

And now I can look at it without bursting into tears and even find it useful sometimes!


I continued having design issues though.  First, my css and html knowledge was still pretty limited, but more importantly – I knew I couldn’t modify single elements on a single page or post.  Whatever changes you make to your theme design, you’re modifying a template, and this affects all posts and pages based on that template (in case you didn’t know this).

And then one lucky day I came across a plugin that finally solved all my design headaches.  And it almost sounds too good to be true, but it’s true.  And I’m totally addicted to it, and in this video I’ll show you why.



Here is a link to the plugin (I’m NOT an affiliate)


It should work no matter what WordPress Theme you’re using (but do check their documentation to make sure, as I can’t guarantee it).

If website design and creating landing pages is your biggest headache, as it once was for me, do yourself a favour – get this plugin.

P.S. Yes, I did try and find a free alternative, but other page builder plugins I found were bulky and ugly and much less intuitive and less flexible, and couldn’t do a quarter of what this plugin does.  So as much as believe in not wasting money on unnecessary stuff if a free alternative is available, this plugin is worth every penny for me.

P.P.S. And seeing how much time and effort it saves me – daily (!), I probably would have been happy to pay even more.  Psst.  Don’t tell them! 🙂

Any comments?  Let me know!