[Video] Why I’m hating Camtasia

My students and subscribers (those who are on Windows PC) often ask me if they should learn the free tools I use in my courses – MovieMaker and Encoder – or if they should go ahead and invest into Camtasia.

Here is my response.

I purchased Camtasia several months ago, convinced that it will take my video production to a new level, and so far I’m hating it.  And I’ll show you (video) examples of why at the end of this post.

Here are my top three reasons:

1. Camtasia is not intuitive and the learning curve is steep!

Camtasia is not very intuitive, and it looks pretty intimidating.  It’s proving to be a steep learning curve for me, even though I’m not new to video creation, and I’m not scared of tech.

If you are a non-techie and a newbie to creating videos and course materials, your initial experience of Camtasia may come as a shock.

2. Camtasia is way too powerful for its own good

It takes awhile for the program to just open.  I can literally double-click on the icon and go pour myself and cuppa while I wait.

It eats up all of my laptop resources, even though my laptop is less than 2 years old (i.e. it’s a not an ancient piece of tech junk, by any means).  Camtasia died a few times while I was editing my videos, so I lost all my work, because my laptop just couldn’t handle the pressure.

So if you’re planning to purchase Camtasia, get ready to upgrade your hardware, too!

3. Camtasia has many features you probably don’t even need

I don’t use most of the bells and whistles in Camtasia, because I’m not in video production business.  I’m in teaching business, and that’s different.

Have you ever bought a mobile phone because it had all those wonderful features, and then a year later you realise you never used any of them?  Well, that’s how I feel about Camtasia.

I believe my time and effort is much better spent on creating good quality content, coming up with great examples, assignments, case studies for my students, and not on fancy video effects, more appropriate for promotional materials.

All in all, even though I’m now a proud owner of Camtasia, I continue to use MovieMaker and Encoder to cover most of my course creation needs.  And both of these programmes are free!

Looking back I think that the only reason I bought Camtasia in the first place is because I help people with course creation, and I’m ‘supposed to’ use professional tools.

You know, the image ‘thing’.

Examples of things that drive me mad

Here are two examples of webcam videos I made.

This one is using Camtasia.  It starts out fine, then video and audio get choppy and out of sync, and I start sounding like I just descended from Mars, and a few minutes later things get normal again.  And then things go bad again.  And normal again.  And bad again.  You get the idea.



And this is the webcam video I recorded in MovieMaker.  Nothing fancy, but it just works.  Isn’t that want we want?



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I’ll let you know when my course is open for enrolment again.  Hope to see you there!